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Notes from Michael Routson - Musician, Writer, Doctor

So - Why keep a notebook?

Hello all, and thankyou for making your way the online notebook I will be keeping as part of my new site! This is just a brief note to say hello, and to outline what I am planning to do with this part of the project.


My first album - Jack of Hearts - has been a few years in the making, and is finally set for release early this year. I will posting fragments of song lyrics from upcoming songs, including ones I haven't finished yet, insights into my songwriting process, demos, covers, and more in this section of the notebook.


This is not the main focus of my website, or indeed my life at the moment. However, I am working away on my novels in the background and will be sharing bit and pieces here from time to time.


As I continue to work my way through my medical career, I will post updates, thoughts and points of interest in this notebook. I will keep tabs on my research, clinical activities and learning goals for anyone that is interested in following along on the generalist training journey.

And that's it! This is simply the contents of a notebook that would ordinarily be carried around in my back pocket, or in the notes folder on my phone. Even I am not too sure what will end up in here as days go by.

Feel free to leave comments or questions that you would like me to answer. Also be sure to follow me on all the social platforms, and sign up for emails alerts to keep up to date.

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